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The United States is no longer the country that invented the airplane or went to the Moon. 

The 20th Century saw the United States garner a virtual monopoly on invention and applied technology, resulting in the unchallenged leadership of the world.  Machines under the control of man fueled dreams and imagination, conquered disease, and extended comfort and prosperity to billions of people.  Actions were not controlled by automation "just because we could", but because it supported human endeavor.  Survival is dictated by Science & Technology: discovery, innovation.

The entrance of the modern computer has been called something that "trys to do whatever everyone already knows how to do."  But today it is "what we used to know how to do" because we no longer know how to do much, and have thrown away much capability of what we did.  Dependency on specialization and technology have resulted in the "newer people" among us having not the skills to survive even inconvienence or vagely surmise the difference between it and true need.  "Dehumanization" has cheated generations of the ability to solve problems and control basic self-determination.  

It was secular education that placed America first, with a breathtaking pace of innovation and technology that saw inventions become an American monopoly.  It was the very definition of the separation of the New World  from the traditionalists of the Old World.  JFK said "Americans were not built to wait!    Yet how appalled he would be to see a nation, 57 years after the first American in space, no longer able to launch a human into space (but waiting), hitching a ride instead on Soviet spacecraft.  "Space is the greatest adventure man has ever embarked upon, and we intend to lead it."  Silent, forgotten words, the end of imagination and leadership.  

Today, "technology" consist of office tycoons that define invention as "activities done on computers" to intercept and extort a portion of revenue streams from the legitimate efforts of others.  These sharks often cite the necessity of "transaction insurance", protection needed against themselves, a result of the establishment of new "generational standards" lowered to "corporate ethics" models.  Communication is called "email", a regression to repackaged 19th century telegraphy, with live voice to be avoided at all costs: a threat to one-way, business-proof policies imposed through dozens of hidden pages of legal fine print behind unsuspecting "I agree" click boxes.  Public science teaching curriculums are routinely challenged by traditionalists and beliefs ---- source of prosecution of many astronomers over history.  America now indeed ranks on the world stage as traditionalists (supernatural revelation or guidance—the source of ethics in many religions) rather than secular rational values (logic, empathy, reason, or moral intuition):  

The consequences are great to a nation less secular than Iraq, Indonesia, and Ethiopia, to name a few of the 40+ nations it lags:

#38 - Quality of Primary Education
#58 - Primary Education Enrollment Rate
#28 - Quality of the Educational System
#47 - Quality of Math and Science Education

Nations fail when the populace divests itself of its own history, dismissing it as a separate time and place no longer relevant.    Coasting down on America's leftovers of scale and wealth leaves influence and bullying, not to be confused with an educated, active nation, as required to lead other nations.    

The arrogance of America, put to the test:​

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