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To Be Human, Extraordinary

The physical Universe is incomprehensible in scale and complexity.  Our understanding has increased exponentially with the invention and application of tools, establishing the basics of cosmology  (the study of the origin, evolution, and eventual fate of the universe).  Yet for all of the astrophysics, motivation and exploration of space and the Universe emanate from the imagination of humans and their question of "are we alone?"  It is my assertion that if the physics Creator was surfing the Universe monitoring all of his / her creation, the show stopper is upon first encountering the infinitely greater complexity of the waves of human broadcast.  The jumble of waves makes no sense to computers limited to commanding the proper behavior of matter, instead picking up the random jumble of everything from the path of a soccer ball to Beethoven's Ninth Symphony to human voice in song.  

​The sustaining force of exploration is curiosity and discovery by human senses.  Instrumentation and facts are largely limited to academic endeavors, but the world gathers for the first look at another celestial body.  The arrival of man at the first outpost from his planet resulted in the most people united in the same thought, direction, and activity at the same time in the history of Earth.  Indeed, if there were no life in the Universe, it could be said to not exist.    

​It is most important then, on what it is to be human, what truly sustains us.  It is our need for love and passion, to experience joy.  Those who give and receive unconditionally.  This gallery is dedicated to those reminding us of what it is to be human: those experiences, discoveries, and "ahh-ha" moments in life where all resistance to joy becomes transparent, propelling us to the pinnacle of life, and most importantly, inspiring us to the effort of creating and sharing with others our own.


"When you go outside, don't look at your shoes.  Look up."  - Hawking

"It may well make us very special that the same brain that provided early man with survival skills also went on to solve the Universe." - Hawking

"How interesting the human body is able to withstand the forces and acceleration / deceleration required to leave and return to Earth."   - Randy Magnuson